Staying safe on the farm



Adults are responsible for supervising children at all times whilst here at the garden house.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Washing your hands


Please ensure you stay safe by washing your hands at the available washing stations.

This must be done before eating or drinking

First Aid


The first aid station is located near the cafe. 

Please inform any volunteers if you require first aid.

Suitable Clothing


As we know the weather is unpredictable, so all we ask is you come dressed prepared.

Wellies and waterproofs are always a good idea.

The Animals


We aren't a petting farm so there is no actual contact with the animals.

We do ask that you respect our animals and don't shout, touch or tease the animals.

Animals can peck or bite, do not put your fingers near their mouths.



All we ask is that you respect the environment and each other.

It is a place to enjoy with health and safety being paramount.

If anyone has any concerns or require any further information the please let us know !